Court Analysis

Circuit Analysis

A circuit analysis is a comparison of judicial needs and resources needed within a circuit. The circuit analysis can be used to balance the case workload amongst judges, as well as, amending case management business rules. The analysis compares your circuit with other circuits of your comparable size. Typically, these analyses are used to support requests for additional judgeships, more staff and, other resources used by your county or city commissions. Please contact ORDA to request your circuit analysis.

Individual Court Analysis

The Office of Research and Data Analysis provides the data analysis you need to make informed decisions. The needs and issues challenging your court may not be like other courts in the same class. The services listed below are available to each court in Georgia, each tailored to the specific needs of your court”.
  • Historical Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Assistance with CMS data mapping
Survey Development & Results Analysis

The Office of Research and Data Analysis (ORDA) assists with quantitative and qualitative survey development and statistical analysis based on a pre-determined methodology. To measure your court performances, ORDA will use the CourTools model survey for Access and Fairness. For performance measures outside of access and fairness, ORDA will use the online survey tool, Survey Monkey. ORDA will conduct a statistical analysis of the survey responses and provide your court with a detailed report of the analysis. Please contact ORDA to begin the survey research process for your court.
Research Requests

The Judicial Councils policy on Research Requests authorizes the Office of Research and Data Analysis to accept, notify and respond to research requests. ORDA will accept a request for legal, legislative or court-related research, including but not limited to, caseload reporting, salary information or court policies. Click below to submit a research request.